Chat corner and "genetic engineering for beginners"
Next to the genetic engineering tent there is a chat corner where you can talk to the Science Bridge and Glass Lab team about genetic engineering, CRISPR-cas, visions of the future and ethical issues. At the same time there are some small experiments like isolating your own DNA and a test to see if you are a "taste mutant". What is gel electrophoresis and why do you need a pipette? Find out everything in the chat corner!

Mosquitoes or malaria - that is the question here!
Should genetic engineering methods be used to eradicate the malaria mosquito and avoid more than one million deaths per year? Or do interventions in the ecosystem lead to an even greater disaster? In a business game we discuss this controversial topic with you from the point of view of scientists, environmentalists, doctors, ecologists and affected people. And of course we explain how an extermination could work.

In the CRISPR-Whisper's Genetic Engineering tent, things really get going! Participate in a simple but real experiment on how genome modification is carried out under expert guidance: we turn blue bacteria into white ones! No worries - this is understandable even for laymen!
Genetic engineering can't be done "just like that", you have to bring 4-5 hours of time with you! And after that you still can't set up a CRISPR lab in your own kitchen and make yourself thick muscles, purple eyes or especially smart kids! But you are already learning a lot and will definitely get an understanding of what works and what doesn't work! And if you feel like it, you can chat with us in the chat corner afterwards.

Survival Camp / Civil Protection

- Oven building & baking
- Making fire with survival methods
- Production of drinking water
- Archery (4 h per day)
- Bush Crafting (Primitive woodworking)  
- Crossing gorges with Dülfersitz (body rappel) and  friction hitch/knot 


Civil Protection: Crisis prevention between tin can & shotgun: What is the reality?

- Does it make sense to take personal crisis precautions?
- What help can I expect in the event of a crisis?
- How is disaster prevention structured in Germany?
- How do I start to make my own provisions?

- What to do in the event of a blackout?

- What is so bad about the crisis scenario blackout?
- Which preparations are reasonable and proportionate?
- How do I produce drinking water and electricity?


Who still has time these days to deal with the question of clothing in a post-apocalyptic world?


Under the guidance as well as the specially selected and prepared garments of our partner, Fräulein König, the design of your end-time outfit will certainly be easy for you and you will no longer have to worry about what you will wear once you have survived the end of the world.

So come by, be creative and create your own End-Time-Outfit!

Astronaut driving licence

(for children 6-13 years)

After an asteroid impact, the sun will darken and mankind will face a new challenge...we need many new astronauts to ensure the life of mankind. Optical illusions (not everything is as it seems at first sight)
Tactile sense (important in the darkness of the universe)
Robotics (explore Mars with robots)
Spaceship repair (fine motor skills repairing the rocket)
After "passing" the individual stations, each child will launch his/her own rocket.

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