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And then it happened. The irreversible has happened. The Global "Dämsing" is unstoppable!

Mankind was threatened to sink in dreariness and cultural monotony. The solution: three extremely handsome performers chosen from the planet "Dämserius" to come to put all human children in ecstasy. Since the mind of a Daemmerian is described more as bonoboistic, the means of choice for global containment is fiery sonication. Of course, this is not only music that evokes an exquisite listening pleasure, but also inevitably leads to physical excitement. Raven, headbanging or dancing, however you do it: we call it #dämsen! Now the second volume SONGS FOR THE DÄMS appears. With this release the completion of the mission is within reach.

Fact is: ‘Dämse is dämsing’!

MAY 18th | 6:30 PM

Dario Rossi is an artist, drummer, percussionist and music producer.

He is one of the best known drummer in the world for the originality and uniqueness of his performances. His music, and especially his way of producing it, represents an unicum into the electronic scene.


Born in 1988, he started making experiments with sound playing on various surfaces and objects obtaining sound, rhythm and music. Dario began studying drums at the age of ten, and then he enters the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. In 2011 he leaves for London, where he performs for the first time "on the street", playing a set composed of recycled objects: In a few minutes Piccadilly Circus is crowded by quite an amount of people amazed by Dario’s talent and performance, who at the same time surprised himself by the success of his own experiment. It was the first success, and the beginning of his current project and artistic journey.

MAY 19th | 6:30 PM