The world of tomorrow in 2 days! 

Children of Doom is more than a festival. It's open-air science, exploration, and discussion right in the middle of Berlin.

You’re interested in the future of life on earth, you are a survival fan and you love festivals? Then you’ve come to the right place! Children of Doom is an event meant to explore solutions to mankind’s biggest challenges, while having fun along the way.


When examining the future of the planet, we take the worst case scenario – a dystopia of epic proportions – and use that as a starting point for discussing the most distressing topics of our time. But of course, we also explore more optimistic versions of the future. Ultimately, the future of the planet is in our hands, and what it will look like is up to us!

Children of Doom took place for the first time in May 2019, at Hafen Rummelsburg. 

In 2020, the festival will continue at the same place: 15 & 16 May.

An event unlike any other, Children of Doom combines different disciplines to create an extraordinary festival experience.

In 2020, the focus will be on Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change. In doing so, we also tackle issues such as super volcanoes, pandemics and the collapse of the global power supply. You know, everyday, normal topics for folks who survived the apocalypse. In addition to talks from high profile researchers, professors, and authors, we also offer a large number of experiential workstations where festival-goers can learn archery, build shelters, and make their own doomsday attire. From the practical to the fantastical, we’ll cover everything from basic outdoors skills to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

What awaits you?

1 big question

+ 30 high-caliber lectures

+ 10 interactive workstations

+ Live music, science quiz, podcast, walking acts

How can you contribute?


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