Science Journalist, European Science Writer of the Year 2018

Eva Wolfangel is a freelance journalist, speaker and presenter. She has been writing for many years (among others for DIE ZEIT, Spiegel, Geo, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Spektrum der Wissenschaft) about new technologies, their implications and how they change our lives. In particular, she is dedicated to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. She is currently setting up her own journalistic format in Virtual Reality for the Riffreporters. In 2018 she was awarded the European Science Writer of the Year Award.


"Why Children of Doom? Because it's high time to break out of our filter bubbles and talk about our future together. After all, we design it - who should take it from us?“


Rise of AI, Asgard Capital

Fabian J. G. Westerheide, Founding Managing Partner of Asgard, is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, entrepreneur and venture capitalist.


“Children of Doom prepares society for scenarios, which hopefully will never happen. Nevertheless we should be aware of them, try to avoid them and face those challenges for human kind.”


ETH Zürich, Departement Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie, Health Ethics & Policy Lab

Dr. Marcello Ienca focuses his research on the ethics and governance of biomedical data, ethically aligned artificial intelligence (AI) and responsible innovation for emerging technologies at the human-machine interface. He has published extensively on the ELSI of neurotechnology and AI, big data trends in biomedicine, ethical design in robotics, data ethics, human rights, dual-use, digital health and cognitive assistance for people with intellectual disabilities. Ienca has received several awards for social responsibility in science and technology such as the Vontobel Award for Ageing Research, the Prize Pato de Carvalho (Portugal), the Sonia Lupien Award (Canada) and the Paul Schotsmans Prize from the European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME). He has authored +30 scientific articles in peer-review journals, several book chapters and is a frequent contributor to Scientific American. His research was featured in academic journals such as Neuron, Nature Biotechnology, the American Journal of Bioethics and popular media such as The Guardian, The Times, Die Welt, The Independent, El Clarin and others. He is a representative to the board of directors of the International Neuroethics Society and is currently serving in the OECD expert group on neurotechnology and society.


Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB), Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (MDC)

Dubravka Vučićević, is a postdoc at BIMSB in the Computational Regulatory Genomics group where she studies regulation of gene expression in vertebrate organisms. She uses a combination of CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering technologies and genomics to probe regulatory landscapes and dissect the logistics of genetic regulatory elements in neuronal differentiation and disease. 


“Why Children of Doom? Children of doom will present the latest scientific advancements in a way that can be easily absorbed and discussed by society and is thus a wonderful medium for improving the dialogue between science and society. I believe such dialogue between science and society to be very important to inspire people to look beyond the immediate problems facing humanity and imagine that solutions to these same challenges might come from unexpected directions in the not-so-distant future.”


Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, Volcano Tectonics Research Group