Museum für Naturkunde Berlin,

Independent Artist

David Ziegler is project leader of the Science Variety "Glitter & Thinking" and scientific assistant at the experimental field of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. There he researches and works at the interface of science, art and underground culture. Previously, through Citizen Science, he supported the active participation of citizens in science and was active in sustainability communication. As a freelance artist and musician, he dedicates himself above all to conceptual art in fictional worlds and socio-political themes.

Why Children of Doom? In many respects I find post-apocalyptic fiction extremely fascinating, the genre has experienced a real boom in recent years. In films, computer games and live-action role-playing games (LARPs), fun and naïve notions of the doom of the world prevail. The combination of this "fun factor" with scientific findings about the real threats to our world is what makes Children of Doom so special and creates the space to discuss concrete possibilities for action.