15 & 16 

MAY 2020

Join us for next year's Festival of Science on 15 & 16 May 2020 in Berlin.

Experience scientific keynotes from highly regarded scientists and authors on the opportunities and risks of today's topics such as climate change - biotechnology - artificial intelligence and get tips and tricks on our interactive workstations on how to prevent the end of the world or how to survive the apocalypse 

in a more relaxed way.

Become part of our community, use the opportunity to interact and enjoy live music with us

at our open air science festival! 

Children of Doom combines two days of theoretical knowledge with practical skills and lots of fun.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Read this Interview with our founder Boris Jebsen on common sense in the face of the apocalypse, intercultural festivals, and the human potential for creativity and change that festivals have to anticipate. 

THIS WAS 2019!

"Thank you ever so much once again for inviting me to be part of CoD! I had a great time on Saturday, and it was so lovely to chat for so long with people after my event! Genuinely, that was one of the best science festivals I’ve been to in recent years, and it’s clearly got a bright future in front of it as it grows." - Prof. Lewis Dartnell